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Meet Tony and Brandi

Thank you so much for checking us out online and seeing what our church has to offer. We know that God loves you and has a great purpose for your life. We would love to walk alongside you on the journey. Take a moment to find out more about us, see where we’ve been, and where we’re going.


Her Story

Brandi was born in San Diego, CA. She was raised in the small town of San Martin in Northern California. She is the fourth of 5 children - three older sisters and a younger brother. She was saved at a young age, but it wasn't until she moved back to San Diego at 19, while attending a church service at Sonrise, that she rededicated her life to Jesus. That was the glorious moment when she realized God wanted to have an intimate relationship with her. A few months later, she met Tony at Sonrise and was immediately enamored with him. She was struck by his Italian good looks, his kindness and his passion for God. She knew that he was the husband she had been praying for.

Brandi has a strong desire to see people come into an intimate relationship with God. “When you know that you are deeply loved by Him, you can begin to abide in Him and let Him abide in you. Every good thing can flow into your life when you know you're loved by God our Father, Jesus His Son, and Holy Spirit.”

His Story

Born on December 22nd, 1966 - Tony grew up in Weirton, West Virgina playing football, riding bicycles and his RM 80 Suzuki dirt bike. In January 1981 he moved with his family to San Diego. After graduating High School in 1985 – he attended Biola University. In 1989 – the same year Tony graduated from Biola - his Dad founded Sonrise Church in the San Diego area. After College, Tony went to work for Northwerstern Mutual selling insurance / mutual funds and owned and operated a small construction company (San Diego Upgrade). All the while, Tony had a daily drug habit that began as a teenager.

By his early 20’s he was a full blown drug addict and full time drug dealer. In late 1994 – in a moment of time - the Lord miraculously reached in and changed Tony’s heart and released him from his addictions. After recommitting his life to the Lord, he met his wife to be “Brandi Lynn Tanner” (wheew hoo!) whom he married (April 23rd, 1995) just four months after their first date. They have three amazing children: Tony, Sarah and Savannah.

In January 1995, Tony went to work with his Dad at Sonrise. He worked in almost every position possible: receptionist, business administrator, sound man, Sunday school teacher, facility manager, etc. In December 2008, upon his Dad’s retirement, Tony was appointed the Senior Pastor. Today 1,200 families call Sonrise Church their home. Tony’s “white hot why” is that everyone would go to heaven. His passion is sharing the Gospel of Jesus. He loves spending time with his family and enjoys electric guitar music.